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Ole Miss newspaper says Nick Saban is overrated before kickoff

1 overall recruiting class, Saban won his first of five national championships at Alabama. The machine was running. Now, he didnt even need to recruit. Everybody wanted to play for the national champions. “Sabans early recruiting created a system in which the best players in the nation showed up on the Alabama campus, won games and titles, got drafted into the NFL and left a spot for the next round of the nations top recruits to take over. With this in mind, five national titles really does not seem like enough in an 11-year period. Every season in recent memory, the Tide has had a national championship-or-bust mentality. If Saban were as good at being a head coach as he is at recruiting, Alabama would have won the national title on a yearly basis. But he isnt.” Scouring the newspaper’s web site, there’s another headline in the game’s lead-up that is quite eye-catching in the aftermath “Rebel Football gears up to compete physically, mentally with Bama”. We all know what happened there.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://247sports.com/Article/Alabama-Crimson-Tide-Ole-Miss-newspaper-says-Nick-Saban-is-overrated-before-kickoff-122012179/

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Georgian priests lead anti-cannabis march The libertarian New Political Centre Girchi party launched a legal challenge to the drugs laws on the back of the protests, and the Constitutional Court effectively decriminalised cannabis for personal use . The government denied any anti-LGBT agenda, but for the Church and its allies the whole question of drugs is tied up with their opposition to gay rights. Fr Andria Jaghmaidze, who often puts the Church point of view across to the media, told the BBC that “LGBT propaganda promotes a drastically liberalised drugs policy that contradicts Church teachings “. The news about the cannabis cultivation bill prompted expressions of concern by senior bishops, culminating in a forthright sermon on Sunday by Patriarch Ilia II , the head of the Orthodox Church. Image caption Patriarch Ilia’s sermon set off the march on Freedom Square “The authorities need to take responsibility for this matter. It should not be handed over to the private sector. If it is, it will be hard to control it, and drug addicts will start coming here from foreign countries to enjoy the freedom,” he thundered. Hundreds of church-goers then marched on Freedom Square in the centre of Tbilisi, and the government – ever-mindful of the summer rallies and earlier Church-led protests against liberal social policies – decided it was best to put the bill on hold. The authorities have argued that they are doing just what the Patriarch ordered – namely taking responsibility – but the waters are further muddied by money. Finance Minister Ivane Machavariani said Georgia could earn $384m (296m) in the coming two to three years by tapping into the growing cannabis-export market.


The tariffs were handed down by an administration that has taken a tough stance on trade. President Donald Trump has accused America’s trading partners of hurting economic growth in the United States through unfair practices. But the paper tariffs are also unusual because they were advocated by one small company in Washington state called Northern Pacific Paper, or Norpac. The company employs a few hundred workers and is owned by One Rock Capital, a private equity firm in New York. After the Commerce Department finalized its tariffs earlier this month, Norpac praised the decision and urged the International Trade Commission to make the duties permanent. CEO Craig Anneberg said in a statement at the time that the tariffs allowed Norpac to restart an idled paper machine and hire 60 workers, with another 40 jobs to fill. A Norpac spokesman said the company expected to have more to say once the commission votes Wednesday. The company has previously said that it simply wants to compete on “a level playing field” with Canadian paper producers. Opponents of the tariffs claim that protecting Norpac puts the jobs of more than 600,000 Americans working in paper, newsprint and publishing at risk. Newspaper publishers and industry groups have been supported by dozens of members of Congress, including 19 who testified before the International Trade Commission last month to push for the reversal of the tariffs.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://money.cnn.com/2018/08/28/media/newspaper-tariffs-vote/index.html

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