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Dickinsonia They were the first complex multi-cellular organisms to appear on Earth. But they have been extremely difficult to classify, and their position on the tree of life has been one of the greatest mysteries in palaeontology. Different teams of scientists have variously classified them as lichens, fungi, protozoans, evolutionary dead-ends and even as an intermediate stage between plants and animals. The new analysis of a specimen found in north-west Russia places Dickinsonia firmly within the animal kingdom. Image caption The fossils were unearthed at Zimnie Gory in the White Sea area of north-west Russia Image caption ANU researcher Ilya Bobrovskiy found specimens of Dickinsonia and a related organism called Andiva in the rocks “The fossil fat molecules that we’ve found prove that animals were large and abundant 558 million years ago, millions of years earlier than previously thought,” said co-author Jochen Brocks, an associate professor at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. “Scientists have been fighting for more than 75 years over what Dickinsonia and other bizarre fossils of the Ediacaran Biota were,” he explained, adding: “The fossil fat now confirms Dickinsonia as the oldest known animal fossil, solving a decades-old mystery that has been the Holy Grail of palaeontology.” The Ediacaran biota appeared around 600 million years ago, and flourished for tens of millions of years before the event called the Cambrian explosion. This massive diversification of life occurred around 541 million years ago; it’s when most of the major animal groups appear in the fossil record. The Ediacaran species largely disappear when the Cambrian explosion happens. As such, they straddle an ancient age when the Earth was dominated by bacteria and a later age of dominance by animals. Image caption Analysis of organic matter preserved in the Dickinsonia fossils placed the creature firmly within the animal kingdom Most multicellular life leaves behind stable molecules called sterane hydrocarbons which can be preserved in sediments for millions of years. The molecular structures and abundances of these compounds can be specific to particular types of organism.

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Aspiring sportswriter spends summer covering basketball for Arizona the Republic newspaper

“This opportunity helped me to gain hands-on experience at a high level,” said Murray. He reported on the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, the Phoenix Suns’ pre-draft workouts, and the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas for Arizona’s largest daily newspaper. “I love basketball, and being around the sport, the players, and the media in those environments as a reporter was great,” he said. “Summer League is a marquee NBA event and something I always wanted to cover and was lucky enough to do so.” The reporting experience was made possible through a Pulliam Fellowship from the Gannett Company, Inc. From the time he entered Suffolk, Murray has been single-minded in his career goals. “Having known Clevis as a student since his freshman year, his personal growth has been a pleasure to observe,” said Professor Monika Raesch, chair of the Communication & Journalism Department. “His passion for sports coupled with his studies has opened so many doors for him that I hope he is very proud of.” Raesch enjoys her role as Murray’s faculty adviser. Murray even stayed in touch with Raesch this summer while nearly across the country. “Clevis checked in with me from Arizona, and the tone of his email was just as excited as when he stands in my office,” said Raesch.

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