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Newspaper headlines: GCSE 'warning' and a 'miracle rescue'

Theresa May One MP, George Freeman, tells the paper they must “resist pressure” from Leave.EU – which has urged people to become Tory members so they can elect a “true Brexiteer”, such as Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg, to replace Theresa May, should she step down. The Greek press ponders whether life in the country will be any easier, now Athens has successfully completed a three-year eurozone bailout programme. The Dawn, which supports the left-wing Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, says recent reductions in child poverty and efforts to modernise social care prove that Greece is already back on track. The right-leaning Daily casts a more sceptical tone in an online editorial. The end of the bailout “signifies neither the end of an era nor the beginning of a new one”, it says, warning that the country will require great self-discipline on “the next stage of its adventure”. Here, the Daily Mirror reports on the continuing fallout from the collapse of the construction giant, Carillion. It says figures obtained by a Parliamentary committee show that accountants were charging the official receiver up to £1,100 an hour for their work – more than many of Carillion’s workers who lost their jobs earned in a week. The accountancy firm, PwC, said without its work, the cost to the taxpayer would have been “considerably higher”. Get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning The case of an English literature professor, who claims he was forced to retire from Oxford University two years ago to promote “diversity”, appears in several papers – including the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. Professor John Pitcher, who was based at St John’s College, took the university to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal, having been told to step down – against his will – at the age of 67.

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Newspaper clipping from 1912 mentions link between burning coal and a warmer planet A newspaper blurb published in a 1912 mentions a link between burning coal and a warmer Earth. An Aug. 14, 1912, blurb in the New Zealand newspaper Rodney and Otamatea Times, Waitemata and Kaipara Gazette, reads, “The furnaces of the world are now burning about 2,000,000,000 tons of coal a year. When this is burned, uniting with oxygen, it adds about 7,000,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere yearly. This tends to make the air a more effective blanket for the earth and to raise its temperature. The effect may be considerable in a few centuries.” The headline reads: “Coal Consumption Affecting Climate Change.” As reported , an image of the text was shared in 2016 on the Facebook page “Sustainable Business Network NZ.” It is also available in a  newspaper archive on the National Library of New Zealand’s website. The same blurb was published in an Australian newspaper in July 1912 and can also be found in an Australian  online archive , reports, which says the clip actually dates back to March that year and an issue of the magazine Popular Mechanics . As scientists have found, heat-trapping gases from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, are the main drivers of climate change. According to the International Energy Agency , coal today supplies one-third of all energy used worldwide. It also accounts for 40 percent of electricity generation. “Despite legitimate concerns about air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, coal use will continue to be significant in the future,” the agency says.

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