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‘May takes back control’ is the headline in the i while for the Financial Times it’s ‘May wins backing for ‘soft’ Brexit after facing down cabinet rebels’. The Times says it understands the prime minister has promised senior allies that she will sack Boris Johnson if he seeks to undermine the Brexit deal. According to the paper, Mrs May is said to have been uncompromising as she confronted her ministers. But the Daily Telegraph says her supporters fear that if the deal is rejected by the right wing of the Tory Party, she could face a no-confidence vote within days. The Spectator website says the fear in Brexiteer circles is that Mrs May has laid all her cards on the table and has little left to give away. By the time the negotiations are through – it goes on – her plans could well be even softer. ‘A nation awaits’, The Guardian declares – as front page banners look ahead to England’s World Cup quarter final clash and point readers to pull-out supplements inside. Get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning ‘It’s time Gentlemen, please!’ is The Sun’s back page headline – and the paper points out that the last time England played a World Cup game at 15:00 on a Saturday afternoon was in… 1966. try this website The cry from the i is: ‘Let the Three Lions roar’. It says England are bringing the country together in the quest for World Cup glory.

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Ad great Jerry Della Femina pulls column from East Hampton newspaper

Jerry Della Femina Stephen J. Kotz was named new editor in May. Della Femina, whose gadfly column has regularly shopping b&m blasted local officials, told us of his abrupt exit: “It all came down to one word where the new editor respectfully asked me if I would mind not saying ‘handicapped midget’ because it wasn’t politically correct . . . That, to me, was the first and the last straw . . . I quit and pulled the column.” He figures “the editor was right and doing his job. I was right because I know that if I had to look over my shoulder about even one word I would lose the rage that made the column work.

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